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(25) Missy Hansen
Mon, 26 April 2010 16:02:54 +0000

Yay, Yay, Yay! Love you. Believe in you. Can't wait to see more.

(24) Larry Johnson
Mon, 26 April 2010 15:35:19 +0000

Juli - - congratulations on doing what you want to do, and doing it well. Brent Johnson sent me to this site 'cause he thinks he gets 100 free registrations for doing so.

(23) lance johnson
Mon, 26 April 2010 15:34:40 +0000

my brother brent sent me your link. gotta say that the landscapes are my favorite. the tone and motion build an incredibly evocative painting out of what would otherwise be a spartan image. so glad he sent me to see your site.

(22) Dawn Johnson
Mon, 26 April 2010 15:28:11 +0000

Referred by Brent Johnson--great site!

(21) Kim Nelson
Mon, 26 April 2010 15:26:17 +0000

Wow -- what a summer! I love how you two are so mobile and willing to go where God leads. I hope (I KNOW) it will be a special blessing to be with the Colliers for this season. Will you keep updating your Evening Soultide blog or will all your news be here now? Squeezes for the Kalbaughs from the Nelsons! :-)

(20) Brent Johnson
Mon, 26 April 2010 15:09:54 +0000


Beautiful work. It is wonderful that you have dedicated time and space because the results of that opportunity are incredible.

(19) Debbie Smith
Mon, 26 April 2010 15:02:42 +0000

I am so excited for you, Juli!! So happy you are embracing the beautiful gifts God has given you and pouring them out for the world to receive and enjoy! Congratulations!

(18) Rachael Estep
Mon, 26 April 2010 14:59:38 +0000


Your artwork always captures a moment of the heart and is truly beautiful. This website is fantastic and I'll be sharing it with friends!

(17) Julia McCoy
Mon, 26 April 2010 14:53:12 +0000

Hello! I was a student of your husband's at Clemson, and I went to DCF with you guys. I remember one time during church when you painted a BEAUTIFUL cross with a blue starburst was amazing! Anyway, I'm about to get married and have a new house, so I think a new piece of artwork would be great for it! Keeping my fingers crossed! - Julia

(16) Melissa Liimatainen
Mon, 26 April 2010 14:42:57 +0000

I was so impressed when I saw that you had this new website & such beautiful paintings/drawings etc. I was very interested to read your information & look at the pictures. I had no idea that you were even doing this sort of work. Its awesome.
Congrats & Good Luck.

(15) Melissa Guthrie
Mon, 26 April 2010 14:41:24 +0000

I love you and the beautiful ways that you express something far more in all that you do, including your paintings! This site is awesome and I hope leads to some good things! I'm super proud of you and pumped about all that is going on in your life!

(14) Adam Wilsman
Mon, 26 April 2010 14:37:07 +0000


The website looks great! I can't wait to win my free painting!


(13) Lois Strauss
Mon, 26 April 2010 14:25:05 +0000

Congrats on the new website! You did such a fantastic job of shooting my daughter, Jana Strauss's wedding. Wishing you the very best! Lois

(12) Lizzle
Mon, 26 April 2010 14:20:28 +0000
url  email

YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY, Juli! The site looks great and it's so fun to see all your beautiful work camped out in one spot, though I'd much rather see it (and YOU.) in person.

Linked on facebook. Hopefully linked on blog by end of week...

(11) Stacey Thompson
Mon, 26 April 2010 14:14:18 +0000

I am so proud of you! Your art has always left me in a state of inspired soulful introspection. For me, your paintings are a wordless, yet complete, explanation of how we can truly live in the freedom of Christ.

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    I love living in Durham, NC, am the wife of a fantastic man, and am an artist trying to see beauty and grace in the everyday. I am pressing into balance, rest, sacred rhythms, mercy, and mystery. I love old buildings, cheeseburgers, 80s music, exploring new places, fizzy drinks, and not being in a hurry. Welcome!