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(10) Lance Haynie
Mon, 26 April 2010 14:07:13 +0000

I gotta get it - I love this!

(9) Marie Barton
Mon, 26 April 2010 14:00:28 +0000

I love your artwork! It's great that you set up a website so that you can share your talent with others. I'm wishing you much success...

(8) Joy Newman
Mon, 26 April 2010 13:56:20 +0000

Congrats Juli!! Your website is awesome and your art is amazing!

(7) Corey Kalbaugh
Mon, 26 April 2010 13:53:58 +0000

I am so proud of you! Congratulations on your official launch. Your work is meaningful and beautiful....just like you. I love you!

(6) Amy Sawyer
Mon, 26 April 2010 13:16:06 +0000
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I love the site- it looks beautiful and really showcases your talent. This is gonna be huge- look out world Juli Kalbaugh has hit the art scene!

(5) Audrey Breen
Mon, 26 April 2010 13:11:24 +0000

Congratulations, Julie! SO exciting!! I'm going to link you to our blogpage:

(4) Jana
Mon, 26 April 2010 13:07:06 +0000

This is huge! I am loving your work and loving that you have a professional place to get the word out about it! I love the beautiful ways you express yourself and am very happy for this step!

(3) Miska Collier
Mon, 26 April 2010 12:44:29 +0000
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Love it (and you!), Jules! Congratulations!

(2) Evan
Mon, 26 April 2010 12:41:15 +0000
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Juli, the site looks fantastic. This is not surprising given the combination of your art + Austin. I have tweeted and facebooked your giveaway!

(1) Ryan Etheridge
Mon, 26 April 2010 12:19:44 +0000

Woo! I'm excited for the new website! Your art has always left me in tension- confused by my own reality and wanting the one you create.

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    I love living in Durham, NC, am the wife of a fantastic man, and am an artist trying to see beauty and grace in the everyday. I am pressing into balance, rest, sacred rhythms, mercy, and mystery. I love old buildings, cheeseburgers, 80s music, exploring new places, fizzy drinks, and not being in a hurry. Welcome!